When you can't help but express your feelings, you're falling in love. Being around them excites you, and you want them around you as much as possible because life is better with them.


When you trust them completely without holding back, you're falling in love. You feel safe and at home with them because they've worked hard to earn your trust.


You're falling in love when you see them as a permanent fixture in your life. You want to understand them and let them understand you.


If you're falling in love, you'll want to let your guard down and show your significant other the real you.


When you don't mind putting their needs before yours, you're in love. You step back from the spotlight that follows you everywhere and put the person you love in it.


When you value good over perfect, you're falling in love. You appreciate flaws and imperfections in the context of the person.


When you want them to be happy and successful but don't hold back, you're falling in love. If necessary, you fight them.


When you open up to them more than usual, you're falling in love. Instead of bottling up your feelings and making them guess, you want to talk to them.


When you let them see you at your worst, you're falling in love. You let them into the deeper part of you that you usually keep to yourself.


You're in love when you prioritise them over your work and projects. You melt at their thought.


When you open up and let them see you, you're falling in love. You don't try to be mysterious or inaccessible to them.


When it feels like a fairytale but is real, you're in love. You'll do anything to treat them like your soulmate. You trust your partner and stop dwelling on the past and those who hurt you.