Self-confidence hungry. Selfish. Childishly irritable! You'll tantrum and have trouble communicating if things go wrong. You always desire yourself.


Slow-moving Taurus. You're lazy. Your sloth and intransigence hurt. You like doing things your way and having everyone follow your rules, but starting is hard. 


Gemini, your worst tendencies are unfriendly. You talk too much and can't keep secrets—perfect problems. Yet gossip is too tasty to ignore. You anonymously criticise on social media.


Cancer clings. Needy people don't want their loved ones close. Be needy by convincing yourself people don't care. You hold grudges against wrongdoers.


Leo is arrogant and self-centered. You love when others worship you and kiss the ground because you feel entitled. If your minions did everything, you'd never work.


Perfectionist Virgos. You care too much about everything, big or small, and won't let go until you've done everything. Perfectionism is good, but not if you abuse it. Even though you can't, you love leading.


Liars. You're more interested in self-indulgence. If it earns you praise, you appreciate being the centre of attention. You're too polite. Risky.


Scorpio, your worst trait is obsessiveness. You're like a puppy with a chew toy—you can't let go. You're also competitive in a surprising way. You're competitive, even if you don't show it.


Direct, irresponsible, and uncaring Sagittarius. You say anything to express yourself. You're brutally honest if you harm someone. You're disorganised.


Capricorns are social climbers. You'll succeed even if it hurts your buddies. Your irritability when things go wrong is another key problem. If you don't know the conclusion, don't participate.


Aquarius, you're used to being emotionally detached. Your biggest issue is indifference to everything, including things you admire. Your enthusiasm feels fake.


Pisces, you're always the victim, so people think you're easy to manipulate . Your biggest mistake is not knowing when to stand up for yourself and letting others bully you.

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