Need help. Avoid control-freaks, Aries. They seek a glutton. They'll split over Aries' goals. Aries need honest partners. Passive-aggression and cowards annoy them. 


Tauruses need romantic and stable partners. Tauruses like secure partners. They dislike games, chases, and emotional hints. To avoid frustration and disinterest, they need someone reliable. 


Geminis are complicated. Moods and interests. Geminis like intellectually and emotionally challenging partners. They'll lose interest otherwise. Geminis need grounded partners. 


You enjoy helping others. Praise feels like love. You may withdraw and resent without appreciation. You don't want praise, but everyone wants to be seen and valued. 


Though strong, you need your partner's affirmation. The right person will stroke your ego so you can shine brighter. You need someone to gently correct your self-centeredness. 


You enjoy helping loved ones. Productivity boosts self-esteem. But too much without can leave you exhausted.Your ideal partner enjoys helping others and makes you feel cared for. 


You like thoughtfulness and romance. You care! Since you avoid conflict, a direct but non-confrontational partner would help you resolve issues without resentment. 


You're suspicious. Trustworthy people love you. Know someone's status. Because you control, you need boundaries. Secure partners temper these impulses. 


Respecting your playful, fun-loving nature makes you feel loved. Controlling people are unsuitable partners. You want a partner who supports and shares your passion for life. 


You strive for excellence. Love comes from kindness and admiration. Date someone who respects your ambition. Relationships require consistent support. 


Your partner must appreciate your uniqueness. Easy-going people love intellectually stimulating partners. When claustrophobic, you need a partner who gives you space. 


You're sweet. You'll do anything for love. You can feel resentful and like you do everything for everyone without appreciation. 

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