Indoor rock climbing. Indoor activities are fun when it's too cold to hike. Try indoor rock climbing for a fun workout.


Roller skate. You can skate at a rink with fun music or make your own path in a park. You'll move and groove either way.


Zip line. You can get your adrenaline pumping in nature. You can even take fun pictures and videos while zipping through the trees.


Indoor skydive. It's safer than skydiving but still exciting. You'll still feel like you're living life to the fullest.


Visit an escape room if you like intellectual challenges. It will strengthen your relationship and teach you how to communicate most effectively.


Join a pickleball tournament. Pickleball is popular, so find a place to play with your partner. Play against them or with them. Perfect for double dates!


Cooking class. Thus, you're learning a useful skill together. You're also teambuilding. Communication and cooperation will strengthen your relationship.


Axe throw. Instead of bowling, drink and throw axes. It's a fun new weekend activity for couples or couples groups.


Go archery. Use a bow and arrow like Katniss. Compete with your partner.


Go dancing. If sweaty strangers don't appeal, make a playlist for you and your partner and dance in your living room. It's a good reason to cuddle and play.


Amusement park. Rollercoasters are the most exhilarating. Try carnival games if you're feeling competitive this Aries season. Win your person a special prize.


Ride horses. Animals are the only thing better than nature. So take your date horseback riding in a scenic area. Picnics can end the night.

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