The self-assuredness that initially attracted an Aries becomes irritating. If a relationship is to continue, an Aries must temper their ego and me first  mentality when compromising.


Don't assume your partner would be faithful if you neglect your appearance or romance. After numerous fights, stubborn Taurus partners carry grudges and anger.


Your Gemini traits may be causing relationship cheating. If a Gemini changes personalities too much, their lover may run away.


Cancers may talk about marriage and babies too soon. Cancer couples are clingy, making their partners feel overwhelmed and desire to pull away instead of falling in love.


Leo lovers fight because they care. A confused spouse may assume the Leo is always fighting. Leos can stay alone if internal conflicts outweigh love.


As Virgos are shy, the attractive creature you wish would ask you out may not even believe you are interested. Virgos also give up too easily and seldom call back if anything goes wrong.


Libras who date broken people can ruin their love lives. Libras may subconsciously seek out terrible people and become manipulative or dishonest.


Scorpios can nag in relationships, ending them. Scorpios can be choosy and reject dates. Controlling Scorpios might drive their partners away.


Do you think you're overly demanding? You may be a Sagittarius. But you won't attract anyone with your inability to regard anyone as love material.


Capricorns are aloof and jealous until they trust you. Unfortunately, that requires patience and persistence. Before appealing to Capricorn principles, a lover can grow frustrated and bored.


Early in a relationship, this can be adorable, but the Aquarius's inability to let go of disputes becomes toxic.


You may be a Pisces, who may not stop a poor relationship due to their selflessness. Pisces can repeat the single life by choosing users.

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