Although it's tempting to write off a Pisces as only a sensitive artist, the truth is that they can be quite the sly fox when it comes to getting what they want.

Pisces is significantly more perceptive than the other signs, and as a result, they are masters at getting what they want by lying about nearly everything.


Libras lie well because they are charming and manipulative.People lie to avoid difficulties, seem better, and get what they want. They lie constantly.

They're a walking lie, but their indecisiveness makes it hard to remember and cling to their lies! They spread several believable lies before realizing it.


Cancer is a pathological liar, but unlike the other signs on this list, they don't tell lies with the intention of hurting or manipulating others.

Hyperbole or a lack of ability to perceive the bigger picture characterize Cancer's lies. Although they rank high among the sign's liars, at least their fibs don't usually cause any harm.


Aquarius lies innocently. Aquarius evades conflict via lying. When uncovered, these courteous lies may backfire. Aquarius' lies are temporary till someone is honest.


Yet it's just another facet of the Gemini personality, and everyone loves them for it. Unfortunately, Gemini doesn't get off the hook when it comes to their tendency to exaggerate or lie.


Being the most deceptive and devious sign, Scorpio excels at lying. Scorpios are so proficient at lying that even they have trouble distinguishing truth from fiction.

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