Scorpios are very aware of their surroundings and alert. Scorpio will exploit any opportunity. Scorpio will aid or push things their way. They're smart and seize opportunities.


Leo will overcome any challenge. Leos don't allow anything get in their way, therefore if they had a chance to benefit from something, they would.

Leos are smart and strategic. They're devoted and generous to their loved ones, even if they watch out for number one. Self-care is crucial to Leos.


Aries work hard for nice things and a comfortable existence. They know you have to seize something or take advantage of it before someone else does.

They also recognise that being charitable to the extent of sacrificing your best interests doesn't assist anyone and hurts you. Taurus recognises that if you don't look out for yourself, no one else will.


Aquarians know you have to make things happen for yourself and take advantage of luck. Aquarians can seem ruthless since they're ambitious and don't allow their emotions get in the way.

They're trying to ensure their future by prioritising their requirements. They take care of themselves and give back because they're charitable.


Geminis can spot profit and opportunity others overlook.Geminis can capitalise on good fortune. Self-preservation and self-love always come first, regardless of love.


Capricorns love a competitive edge, but they won't cheat. If Capricorn has to compete for an opportunity, they'll do everything they need to  to get it. It's impractical.

Knowledgeable and driven Capricorns understand that success must be earned. Instead, it's something you'll need to earn via hard effort.

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