Geminis seek love more than anyone, and when they fall, they fall forever. Geminis don't go into sadness unless their partner cheats or betrays them.

Gemini wants a strong, long-term partnership. Life doesn't always provide. Gemini's theme song is Weeping of a Jester, thus when they're single, they laugh.


Sagittarius is a sensitive, vulnerable person who wants love. Sag will also lie to themselves for a long time if they aren't loved enough to avoid the possibility that something is wrong.

They love to communicate their sentiments yet hate bad news, therefore they trust in their love more. They prefer solitude yet want a committed, passionate relationship.


flirty and seductive Libra is actually chaste. Being in a solid relationship gives them power. Libra may flirt, but they are monogamous and don't like to share their sexual prowess.

 Libras are fair and rarely cheat on their partners. Being in love nourishes them. Libra thrives on love.


Leo adores Love. They give, receive, play, flirt, and have a loving sexual relationship with it. Despite the notion that Leo wants all the love in the world,

 they are just as generous with giving it as they are with receiving it. Leos are complete when in love and stronger when they have someone to love and adore.


Due of their intelligence and force, Aries may not fall in love. They fall strongly and recklessly when they fall in love. 

Aries are kind when they let themselves be. They put everything into what they love. Following the initial nuclear fire of love, Aries softens.

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