You're searching for physical gratification. Without the spotlight, you have confidence in your identity. You seek adulation for your physical appearance.

You send as many random pictures of yourself as you can, in the hopes that some of them will like you despite your desperation. You place a high priority on your physical self.


You want to be caressed, loved, appreciated, worshipped, and made unique. You need proof—your it's life. You want deeds, not words, and in love, you want to satisfy your cravings.

You want to be showered with compliments in public and called by your first name when you sleep. You never settle for less than what you want.


Love is everything. Unfortunately, you want it so badly that you allow virtually everyone into your life, where you learn from your failures.

You're needy, clingy, and fragile, so your thirst for attention hurts you in the tush. It's never as good as you want because you're too needy.


You spend most of your life wanting love and attention, yet your biggest flaw is that you're not always pleasant. You're a bully and snob who thinks you're wonderful and generous.

You're surprised when others don't like you, and you rarely apologize. You crave a lot of affection and don't understand why it doesn't always come your way.


You work hard, play hard, and when it comes to love and devotion, you want the nice stuff like everyone else. You deserve to be loved—and you are

You know you're worth it, and for all your hard work and good deeds, you're just as interested in the love and affection you give. You crave affection and it's easy to offer it to you.


When you let those seeking adoration run uncontrolled, you ensure that those who adore you won't make mistakes. You crave affection but avoid people.

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