Capricorns have a hard time saying no, so even when they're swamped, they'll agree to do more. When you take on too much, your list of things to do grows rather than shrinks.

The more you add, the more people you'll need. Capricorn's efforts seem to have diminishing returns. The Capricorn must put themselves first.


When you say yes to everything, you run the risk of being overwhelmed. There's never enough time for a Gemini to double-check their work or arrive on time.

They want to make everyone happy, yet it may cost them a reputation as a slacker or schedule-breaker. If they overcommit, Gemini's good intentions may backfire.


Because Libras have a hard time saying "no," they often agree to accomplish things for which have neither the time nor the expertise.

Libra would rather work things out on their own or stay up late to finish the project than be direct and risk disagreement. Libras hope to catch up one day.


Aries overcommit since they're great at multitasking and dislike being bored. Sadly, too many tasks can prevent you from taking care of yourself. Yet, Aries aren't quitters and will finish what they start.


Help is at hand from Pisces! A Pisces is certain to grant your every wish. As they are selfless and prioritize the needs of others, they tend to undervalue their own time. 

ou can't help others if doing so will bankrupt you. Pisces needs to take care of themselves in addition to assisting others. There is value in their efforts, ideas, and time.


Because to their pride in their abilities, Aquarians tend to say yes more often than they should. Yet if they take on too much, their attention may wander.

Being human, Aquarians can experience a dip in performance when they're preoccupied with something else. That will feel like a waste of time for Aquarius.

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