He'll spend time with you if you choose the spot, make reservations, and don't conflict with his schedule. He says he'll leave if something better comes up. Move on and find someone amazing.


He moans through a play, concert, or dance recital. He pretends to do you a favour and uses the outing to get what he wants. He's a jerk and ruins your fun, so determine if it's worth it.


He never initiates love talks or says I love you.  He'll reply when you tell him you love him, but his love for you isn't deep. If you never said love, he'd never say it in relation to you.


He doesn't text you when he wakes up, goes to bed, is bored, or anything fantastic happens. He doesn't care whether you got sick at work or how your day went.


He ignores your sex desires, showing he never learnt to compromise. It's about his needs. He's so self-absorbed in sexual matters that it doesn't matter if you're in his bed.


He never gives. The situation worsens. If you're cold, you can't eat his cake, use his toothbrush, or borrow his hoodie. He prioritises his comfort over yours. 


He'll say he remembers your important dates, but he won't celebrate. He doesn't arrange a celebration or offer you flowers or gifts. 


 He never inquires about your life. He only knows what you've shared. He doesn't read your writing, attend your games, or care about your job drama.


He doesn't want to progress your connection. When you mention it, he ignores you and talks about something else. He doesn't want to tell you that he doesn't see your relationship lasting.


You're an independent woman and can pay for your own dinner, but it's bothersome and telling that he'll never pay for anything. He never invites you to supper or the movies.


He never invites you to spend time with his family or friends. He's fine with your holiday split. He doesn't want a tie that might complicate a breakup.


You've seen his closet—great clothes. Yet the clean-shaven, well-groomed guy you encountered disappeared. He needs to shave for your birthday dinner.

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