Leading is Aries. They have all the features of a firstborn as the Zodiac's first sign. They're logical, determined, and thrive while assisting others.

Aries are cooperative and rational. They're creative geniuses. Most Aries can implement great ideas. The best leaders are frigid.


Heroic Virgos. They direct. Virgos are good employers because they care about more than just making money. Virgos are too caring to be cold and calculating.

They're great to work with because they always think big.Their love for helping others build satisfying lives usually overcomes their tendency to overthink or worry about adverse outcomes.


Sagittarian bosses don't micromanage. They value innovation, self-exploration, and the concept that a group works best when everyone is at their best.

Sagittarian leaders agree. You should learn and think independently. They're focused on their own issues. Sagittarians are self-motivated but great leaders. Ideal employers.


Libras are great bosses. They're fair, clear-minded, and inclined to do what's right, so you can usually trust them.Libras enjoy working with individuals they like.

They dislike conflict and want respect and supremacy. Confrontational and impolite people annoy them. Libras are great leaders, especially when working for a cause.


Taurus bosses are the most appreciative and picky. Taureans are stubborn and micromanagers who want their vision to be perfect.

Taurus is the best at praising good work. Taurus will make sure you know you're a team player and reward you accordingly.


Gemini bosses multitask well. They can dream up and execute a great idea. Geminis demand a hand in everything. They will be active and want a say in most things.

However, this can easily degenerate into micromanagement, and Gemini may become untrustworthy and overdramatic when overwhelmed.

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