Taurus's decisions are final. Being definite makes them stubborn, but it's good. They won't compromise, and you can quit if you don't like them or their methods.

It's impossible to date someone who thinks they're always right and won't consider other viewpoints. Taurus is sensitive and empathetic. An unhealthy relationship has no middle ground.


Geminis alter their minds often, not because they're commitment-phobic. They don't want to commit in case someone better comes along. They're good at multi-relationships.

Exclusive two-people-forever commitments cause issues. Even with a ring and a long-term relationship, Geminis can't be held down. Kids wake up wanting to explore.


In early partnerships, Sagittarius are clever and fun. Sagittarius dislikes relationship work as it gets harder. If things get too difficult, Sagittarius will depart. 

They don't want to be bored or do things they loathe for the relationship. If both parties know Sagittarius prefers dating and friends with benefits, no one gets angry when they depart.


Some Aries throw tantrums and lose their cool if they don't get their way, making them lousy partners. Aries are brave, energetic, and funny, yet they may act like brats in a pinch.

They say hurtful things and then regret them. They may be emotional and impulsive. Aries might be great partners, but no one wants to be their parent.


Pisces can feel unworthy of love. This sabotages their connection. Pisces seeks love and commitment but must believe they deserve it.

When Pisces has an emotional crisis, some don't want to break up, get back together, and break up again. Pisces may cheat or act strangely if they think they're unworthy of love.

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