Geminis are busy and don't always have time to plan. Their thinking can be disorganised. A Gemini may place goods in a pile to sort later and forget about them.

Procrastination causes Geminis to run out of time. Geminis are inconsistent and bored. Organizing doesn't interest them.


Pisces dreamers can get caught in thought. Organization stifles Pisces' creativity. People should feel at home and not have to worry about clutter.

Their messy artist's studio comforts them. Pisces prefer to anticipate the future over alphabetizing their literature. Pisces are unorganised, but they manage effectively.


Aquariuses only organise their workplaces. They'd rather not organise their bookshelves.Depending on their mood and schedule, Aquarians are organised.


Sagittarians dislike routine and are free-spirited. They dislike limiting laws. They want to say and do what they want and go where they want. They want an unrestricted life.


Libras can be very organised or disorganised. They're charming and fun, but not necessarily reliable. They change their minds, break pledges, and don't know what to do.


Aries want to be organised, but they often have too much going on and the things that need to be organised are put further down the list.

It's possible that Aries will experience feelings of being overwhelmed and resist attempts to organise their lives. The goal of an Aries is to be prepared for anything and everything.

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