Scorpios have positive and bad magic. Scorpios can achieve greatness when focused. They're intuitive. They talk to spirits. Scorpios are natural survivors. Their powers will reveal the truth.


Empathic Pisces Dreams may be predicted. Pisces manifest their thoughts. Pisces can communicate with ghosts and spirits and must sometimes retreat into their imagination to avoid them.


Cancers require security to use their magic. They don't allow interruptions or spellcasting. They naturally divine. They're also good at helping hurting folks.


Aquarius invents and creates from nothing. Their inventiveness and freedom from oppression are amazing powers. Aquarians excel at astral projection and distant viewing.


Virgos' ability to manage many people and their needs looks amazing. Virgos effortlessly multitask. Virgo's charm heals and soothes. Virgos learn magic.


Aries' magic is vigour. They instinctively cheer. Sex magic and banishing evil are their specialties. Aries can exorcise ghosts. Their courage is magical.


Taurus magic isn't luck. Tauruses succeed. Happy people shine. Their welcoming home makes people feel safe. When moving in, Taurus burns sage to clear negative energies.


Leo's magical skills bring success. Leo seems to nail every audition and role. They use their charisma to achieve what they desire. Leos are wonderful and alluring.


Sagittarians make magic everywhere! They intuitively seek for the most magical tangible objects. They use positivity to heal and tap into their magical talents. 


Being grounded, Capricorns have magical talents. They can start and finish things. They use their innate abilities to achieve their ambitions.


Geminis are amazing because they can talk to everyone. Mind-reading. Geminis get distracted. Due to their busy lives, they disregard their magic. 


Libras are beautiful. Not spells, beautiful magic.They may unite people with their magic. Libra can balance relationships, life, and even their body.

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