Being stubborn makes you a Ram. You're not just stuck you're rooted. Even if you could give a mile, you wouldn't. Learn about gentle negotiation. Principles are good, but results matter more.


The fact that you are unmotivated, which is a very nice and overly kind word for lazy, is the aspect of your personality that is the most problematic.


Your tendency to engage in snide conversation is the aspect of your personality that most reflects poorly on you.


Your anxiety is the single most detrimental aspect of your personality, and it stands in the way of a joyful life more than anything else.


Your tendency to act on impulse is by far the most significant flaw that you have. Because of this, being around you can be exciting and enjoyable.


Your tendency to be extremely judgmental is by far your most significant shortcoming.


You've made the right choice in reading this article; I've decided to tell you that your biggest problem is that you can't make up your mind.


If you were less insecure, you wouldn't be so envious of other people's successes.


Your arrogance is easily your worst quality. Not only do you believe that you are superior to the majority of people, but you also make it very clear to them that this is the case.


You may not be aware of how unfriendly you come across to other people, but I can assure you that others have that impression of you.


They really ought to refer to you as the resentment bearer despite the fact that Aquarius is known as the water bearer. Your inability to forgive others is by far the gravest flaw in your character.


Feeling is good. Cyborgs aren't appealing. But overfeeling is bad. You are too sensitive and take everything personally.

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