You can intimidate. You're strong and know what you want. That’s what makes you so reliable and such a supportive friend. Tigers are fierce, know what they want, and always get it!


Your generosity and dependability make you popular. You're independent but patient, so you enjoy spending time with others. Dolphins love humans and are friendly to everyone. aka you.


You're two-faced. You have a dark side and a happy side. It's inevitable! You change and hide like an octopus.


You love people. You usually care about others. Your extreme emotions are uncontrollable. Your dog comforted you when you were sad? They care.


You're confident. Your confidence makes you irresistible. You flaunt like a peacock.


Though organized and a perfectionist, you're impatient when things don't go as planned. You care for others before yourself. You love like a bear.


You love balance. You love art, passion, and love. Love attention? Yes. Elephants like balance and attention like you. Logic dictates.


You can read people well. You're secretive and put up walls until you trust someone, then you're loving and warm. We all know cats are secretive until they trust you.


You love others so much that you want to help them fight. You're strong and safe. You learned how to be your own best friend, so you can be a friend to others. Wolves are strong, loyal, and protective like you.


You lead naturally! Your ambition and responsibility make you a lion. You're reserved too. You exploit your power knowledge.


You're chimp. You share their intelligence. You seem intense and overwhelming. You're eccentric and erratic sometimes. That's life.


Like owls, you talk a lot. You like deep conversations and teaching. You teach naturally. You have so much information that people may not know how to respond. Be smart!

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